Stone Maintenance Services

Stone Cleaning Services

Contact us for your exterior and interior stone maintenance services. Cleaning, stain removal, and sealant are included in care plans. Resurfacing is available as needed.

The Honolulu Museum of Art Courtyards needed stone maintenance services to clean, remove stains, and seal. Due to pedestrian traffic and environmental conditions, the restoration projects had severe issues within a year after the restoration projects were completed. Routine care plans help preserve the integrity of natural material.

Chinese Courtyard

  • For the historic granite ballast, semi-annual stone maintenance services are necessary to maintain the integrity of the natural material.
Years of dirt and pedestrian traffic cause staining that requires stone restoration services.
Stone restoration services help return the original appearance for stone.

Stone Maintenance Services

  • Thoroughly clean natural material.
  • Treat with penetrating high density sealer.
Stone cleaning is one aspect of stone restoration services.
Stone cleaning is important for stone restoration services.
Stone cleaning is part of stone restoration to bring back the original appearance of the natural material.

Mediterranean Courtyard Semi-Annual Care Plan

  • Resurfacing required to remove stains.
  • A semi-annual care plan is necessary for this high-traffic area in order to preserve the historic and beautiful travertine.
resurface for stone restoration
Stone resurfacing and cleaning included in stone restoration services

Stone Care Actions

  • Thoroughly clean stone.
  • Treat with penetrating high density sealer.
Stone care services that include clean and seal are part of maintenance packages.
Clean and Seal
historic stone restoration completed